1: Aries - Known for their bold and adventurous nature, Aries are likely to name their dog Orion after the famous constellation.

2: Taurus - Taurus, with their love for elegance, might name their furry friend Vega after the bright star.

3: Gemini - Gemini's dual nature might lead them to name their dog Castor after the star in the constellation Gemini.

4: Cancer - Cancers, with their nurturing tendencies, may choose to name their dog Leo after the zodiac sign.

5: Leo - Leos, with their regal demeanor, might opt for the name Leo for their loyal canine companion.

6: Virgo - Virgos, known for their attention to detail, may choose Sirius for their dog after the brightest star in the sky.

7: Libra - Libras, with their love for balance, may name their dog Libra after the zodiac sign.

8: Scorpio - Scorpios, known for their mysterious aura, might name their dog Draco after the constellation.

9: Sagittarius - Sagittarians, with their love for adventure, may choose to name their dog Sagitta after the arrow-shaped constellation.