1: NCIS fans rejoice! Tony and Ziva may get their own spinoff series. Michael Weatherly and Cote De Pablo are reportedly in talks to reprise their roles.

2: The potential spinoff would follow Tony and Ziva's post-NCIS adventures. Fans are excited to see the beloved characters back in action.

3: Michael Weatherly and Cote De Pablo have chemistry that can't be denied. Their on-screen dynamic is a huge part of why fans love them.

4: The spinoff is still in the early stages of development. But the idea of Tony and Ziva leading their own series is thrilling for fans.

5: Tony and Ziva's relationship has always been a central focus of NCIS. A spinoff series would allow for further exploration of their dynamic.

6: Michael Weatherly and Cote De Pablo have expressed interest in a reunion. Seeing them back together on screen would be a dream come true for fans.

7: NCIS has a dedicated fan base that would undoubtedly support a Tony and Ziva spinoff. The potential series is generating a lot of buzz.

8: The chemistry between Michael Weatherly and Cote De Pablo is undeniable. Bringing them back together for a spinoff is a no-brainer for fans.

9: Stay tuned for updates on the potential Tony and Ziva spinoff series. Fans are eagerly awaiting more news on this exciting development.

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