1: NCIS Los Angeles gets canceled, paving way for a Tony and Ziva spin-off. Fans excited for a new chapter in their favorite characters' story.

2: After the cancellation of NCIS Los Angeles, viewers are thrilled for a Tony and Ziva series. The dynamic duo returns, ready for more action.

3: With NCIS Los Angeles off the air, fans anticipate the Tony and Ziva spin-off. Their chemistry and crime-solving skills will captivate audiences once again.

4: Say goodbye to NCIS Los Angeles and hello to the Tony and Ziva series. The iconic duo is back, promising exciting cases and heartfelt moments.

5: NCIS Los Angeles is no more, but a Tony and Ziva spin-off is on the horizon. Fans can't wait to see what adventures await the beloved characters.

6: The cancellation of NCIS Los Angeles opens the door for a Tony and Ziva series. Viewers are eager to follow their favorite team on new missions.

7: Get ready for a Tony and Ziva spin-off after the NCIS Los Angeles cancellation. The dynamic duo is back and ready to take on new challenges.

8: After the end of NCIS Los Angeles, fans can look forward to a Tony and Ziva series. The beloved characters reunite for more thrilling investigations.

9: NCIS Los Angeles may be over, but Tony and Ziva's story continues in a new series. Fans can expect drama, action, and a lot of heart.

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