1: NCIS fans were left in shock when Ziva faked her death. Did Tony and Ziva finally reunite? Find out all the details here.

2: After years of emotional turmoil, Ziva came back from the dead. Did Tony and Ziva's reunion live up to fans' expectations?

3: The chemistry between Ziva and Tony is undeniable. Find out if the pair finally got the happy ending fans had been waiting for.

4: As Ziva returned to NCIS, fans eagerly awaited a reunion with Tony. Did their love story come full circle in the end?

5: Ziva's fake death left fans heartbroken. Did Tony and Ziva finally get their happy ending, or were they doomed to be apart?

6: Fans rejoiced as Tony and Ziva reunited on NCIS. Were their feelings for each other finally able to overcome all obstacles?

7: After Ziva's emotional return, Tony and Ziva's relationship took a hopeful turn. Did their love story finally have a happy ending?

8: Fans held their breath as Tony and Ziva came face to face again. Did their reunion bring closure to their tumultuous relationship?

9: Ziva and Tony's reunion was a long time coming. Find out if their love story finally got the resolution fans had been hoping for.

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