1: NCIS fans loved the bond between Gibbs and Abby, while Tony and Ziva's romance was a hit.

2: On the other hand, fans were not on board with Tony and Jeanne's relationship or Gibbs and Dr. Ryan.

3: The dynamic between Bishop and Torres intrigued fans, but some were not convinced by Bishop and Qasim.

4: McGee and Delilah's relationship was adored by fans, while McGee and any other love interest fell flat.

5: Ziva and Rivkin's fling was controversial among fans, unlike Ziva and Tony's undeniable chemistry.

6: Fans shipped Gibbs and Fornell's friendship, while Gibbs and Sloane's potential romance left some fans divided.

7: The bond between Ducky and Palmer had fans rooting for their mentor-mentee dynamic, but any romantic pairing would have been rejected.

8: Fans loved the family dynamic between the team members, but romantic relationships within the team were not always well-received.

9: Ultimately, it's the strong friendships and team camaraderie that have kept NCIS fans invested in the show for over 18 seasons.

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