1: Michael Weatherly hints at a possible DiNozzo and Ziva reunion on NCIS Season 21.

2: Fans speculate about the future of the beloved NCIS couple after Weatherly's recent cameo.

3: Will we see a romantic reunion between DiNozzo and Ziva in NCIS Season 21?

4: Weatherly's return sparks excitement among fans of the long-running crime procedural series.

5: The chemistry between DiNozzo and Ziva continues to captivate NCIS viewers.

6: Weatherly teases a potential rekindling of the romance between the fan-favorite characters.

7: NCIS fans eagerly await news of a possible DiNozzo and Ziva reunion in Season 21.

8: Could Weatherly's cameo lead to a significant storyline development for DiNozzo and Ziva?

9: Stay tuned to NCIS Season 21 to see if DiNozzo and Ziva's love story will be reignited.

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