1: Discover the story of 9 rare pennies from the 1800s worth a staggering 39 million USD.

2: In 1940, collector Louis Eliasberg paid $1,250 for an 1804 Draped Bust penny, the most valuable at the time.

3: Only 9 known surviving 1804 silver dollars are extremely rare and highly coveted by collectors.

4: The 1799 Draped Bust cent sold for $1.15 million, one of the most expensive U.S. coins ever sold.

5: In 2014, a 1793 Chain Cent sold at auction for 1.38 million USD, making it one of the most valuable pennies.

6: The 1856 Flying Eagle cent in superb condition is valued at around 10 million USD due to its rarity.

7: The 1870-S Seated Liberty dollar is considered one of the rarest coins in existence, valued at over 1.9 million USD.

8: The 1884 Trade dollar is a highly sought-after coin, with only 10 known examples that have sold for millions.

9: Collecting rare pennies from the 1800s can be a lucrative investment, with some coins worth millions of dollars.

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