1: In 2019, a group of rare 1800s pennies sold for $295 million at auction.

2: These pennies were struck in 1822 and only 7 are known to exist.

3: The coins were originally owned by the late Texas Rangers' baseball team co-chairman.

4: The value of these pennies increased due to their rarity and historical significance.

5: Each penny is estimated to be worth around $42 million each.

6: Collectors and investors eagerly seek out rare coins like these 1800s pennies.

7: These pennies serve as a reminder of the value and history behind old coins.

8: The allure of rare pennies from the 1800s continues to captivate collectors worldwide.

9: The $295 million price tag on these 7 pennies showcases the ongoing interest in rare numismatic treasures.

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