1: Discover the story behind 6 rare pennies from the 1800s worth an astounding 192 million USD.

2: Each penny holds a unique history and value, making them some of the most sought-after collector's items.

3: Learn about the rare 1793 Liberty Cap Cent, one of the earliest American coins known for its distinct design.

4: Explore the 1873 Indian Head Penny, a scarce coin with intricate details and limited availability.

5: Uncover the mystery of the 1856 Flying Eagle Cent, a rare coin with a short-lived production period.

6: Find out about the 1804 Draped Bust Penny, known for its elegant design and historical significance.

7: Delve into the story of the 1838 O Half Dollar, a silver coin with a fascinating backstory and high value.

8: Discover the 1817 Capped Bust Left Half Eagle, a stunning gold coin with intricate details and rarity.

9: Learn about the 1870 S Seated Liberty Dollar, a valuable coin with a unique mint mark and limited availability.

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