1: Explore NCIS filming locations with Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo in Paramount Studios in March 2024.

2: Visit Washington D.C. and see where NCIS agents Gibbs and DiNozzo solved crimes on location.

3: Check out the famous NCIS headquarters in the real-life location of Washington Navy Yard.

4: Travel to Los Angeles and walk in the footsteps of NCIS agents Callen and Deeks on set.

5: Discover the beautiful beaches of Los Angeles where NCIS agents Kensi and Sam worked on cases.

6: Experience the thrill of visiting the USS Missouri, where iconic NCIS episodes were filmed.

7: Step inside the real NCIS Forensic Science Laboratory in Quantico, Virginia.

8: Take a tour of the NCIS Museum in Virginia and see props and costumes from the show.

9: Plan your NCIS location tour with Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo at Paramount Studios, March 2024.

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