1: "The 1936 Olympic Silver Dollar honors Jesse Owens' historic achievements in track and field."

2: "The 1995 Rugby World Cup Silver Dollar celebrates the sport's premier international championship."

3: "The 2012 London Olympics Gold Coin pays tribute to British sporting icons like Mo Farah."

4: "The 1992 Barcelona Olympics Silver Dollar captures the spirit of the iconic games."

5: "The 2004 Athens Olympics Gold Coin commemorates the return of the Olympics to its ancient roots."

6: "The 1980 Lake Placid Olympics Silver Dollar salutes the 'Miracle on Ice' hockey victory."

7: "The 2016 Rio Olympics Gold Coin honors the first-ever South American host city."

8: "The 1997 Jackie Robinson Gold Coin celebrates the groundbreaking baseball legend's legacy."

9: "The 2020 Tokyo Olympics Silver Dollar captures the resilience and unity of global athletes."

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