1: Rare 1800s pennies fetching exorbitant prices at auctions worldwide.

2: Penny from 1804 sold for staggering $100 million, setting new record.

3: Other 1800s pennies valued at over $10 million, making them highly sought after.

4: Rarity and historical significance drive up prices of old pennies from 1800s.

5: Investor interest surges as more 1800s pennies break million-dollar mark.

6: Experts predict continued rise in value for rare pennies from 1800s.

7: Collector frenzy for 1800s pennies shows no signs of slowing down.

8: Niche market for high-value coins grows as more 1800s pennies unearthed.

9: Owning a piece of history: Investing in 1800s pennies a lucrative opportunity.

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