1: Discover the incredible story of 3 pennies from the 1800s worth a staggering 710 million USD!

2: These rare coins were minted in 1847 and 1853 by the United States.

3: The 1847 Liberty Head penny is worth 550 million USD, making it the most valuable penny in the world.

4: The 1853 Liberty Head penny, with its unique design, is valued at 130 million USD.

5: The 1853 Braided Hair penny rounds out the trio, worth 30 million USD.

6: These valuable coins are part of the D. Brent Pogue collection, a renowned numismatic collection.

7: The collection fetched a record-breaking total of 106.7 million USD at auction in 2019.

8: The rarity and historical significance of these pennies make them highly sought after by collectors.

9: The story of these 3 pennies serves as a reminder of the hidden treasures that can be found in everyday objects.

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