1: 1. Mark Harmon was a quarterback at UCLA. 2. Michael Weatherly played in a band called "Big Trouble." 3. Cote de Pablo is also a singer.

2: 4. Pauley Perrette is a published poet. 5. Sean Murray is the stepson of Donald Bellisario. 6. David McCallum played the role of "The Invisible Man."

3: 7. Brian Dietzen appeared on "My Guide to Becoming a Rock Star." 8. Emily Wickersham had a recurring role on "The Sopranos." 9. Wilmer Valderrama studied culinary art in Venezuela.

4: 1. Rocky Carroll is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts. 2. Sasha Alexander is fluent in English, Italian, and Portuguese. 3. Lauren Holly was married to Jim Carrey.

5: 4. Jennifer Esposito is a certified health coach. 5. Maria Bello is a co-founder of WE ADVANCE. 6. Adam Campbell has appeared in several commercials.

6: 7. Pancho Demmings is a former US marine. 8. Diona Reasonover worked as a writer on "Adam Ruins Everything." 9. Johnny Galecki starred in "The Big Bang Theory."

7: 1. Jessica Steen's first acting gig was in a commercial. 2. Dina Meyer is a board member of Global Green USA. 3. Scottie Thompson appeared in the film "Skyline."

8: 4. Spencer Treat Clark starred in "Unbreakable." 5. Jamie Lee Curtis directed an episode of NCIS. 6. Cheryl Ladd was a guest star on "Charmed."

9: 7. Lily Tomlin voiced Mrs. Beakley in "DuckTales." 8. Rena Sofer has won a Daytime Emmy Award. 9. Jamie Bamber starred in "Battlestar Galactica."

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