1: Introduction Explore 10 Morgan Silver Dollars worth more than face value. Learn about their rarity and historical significance.

2: 1879-S Morgan Dollar The 1879-S Morgan Dollar is among the scarcer issues. Check for mint mark and condition for value.

3: 1888-O Morgan Dollar The 1888-O with the "O" mint mark is highly sought after by collectors. Look for luster and wear.

4: 1893-S Morgan Dollar The 1893-S is a key date with low mintage. Inspect for any signs of cleaning or damage.

5: 1895 Morgan Dollar The 1895 Morgan Dollar is known for its proof-only status. Verify authenticity and condition.

6: 1903-O Morgan Dollar The 1903-O with the "O" mint mark is a semi-key date. Examine for any signs of counterfeiting.

7: 1921 Peace Dollar The 1921 Peace Dollar represents a transition year. Look for high relief and sharp details.

8: 1886-O Morgan Dollar The 1886-O is another scarce issue from New Orleans Mint. Authenticate its wear and toning.

9: Investing in Morgan Dollars Consider adding these valuable coins to your collection. Consult a professional for expert evaluation.

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